• Gift certificate 30 €


Gift certificate 30 €


  1. YCHO gift voucher can be used to pay for goods in YCHO STUDIOS and YCHO e-shop. Addresses of YCHO STUDIES: OUTLET PARK, Verkių st. 31C, Vilnius and Užupio st. 10, Vilnius.
  2. If the price of the selected goods exceeds the amount indicated in the gift voucher, the difference can be paid in cash or by transfer to a YCHO bank account.
  3. If the price of the selected goods is lower than the amount indicated in the gift voucher, the difference will not be refunded.
  4. The gift voucher is non-refundable and cannot be returned to YCHO.
  5. One gift voucher can be paid for only once, after which the voucher is canceled.
  6. The gift voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase indicated on the gift voucher.
  7. When the gift voucher expires, the gift voucher expires. The validity cannot be extended.
  8. If you have lost your gift certificate or lost it in other ways and have not used it, your gift certificates will not be exchanged for new ones.
  9. Amounts paid by buyers to purchase gift vouchers are accounted for as an advance. At the request of buyers, VAT invoices can be issued only after the purchase of the goods.
  10. By purchasing the gift voucher, the person confirming that he / she is familiar with the terms of use and undertakes to comply with them.

YCHO reserves the right to change these gift voucher usage rules and undertakes to inform about it on the website www.ycho.lt.

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