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Genuine leather backpack Ankora

Genuine leather backpack Ankora

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Genuine leather backpack Ankora - designed for your daily routine, so that everything you may need during the day can fit. The backpack is made of very soft and gentle cowhide, so it will naturally sag over time, but will keep its shape. Perfect for business or casual style.

Please note that genuine leather may have some marks and irregularities, as leather is a natural product. Scratches or certain skin marks can be smoothed out using special skin care products. Use only special products for natural skin, which must be suitable for the color and type of skin.


  • Height: 34 cm.
  • Length: 27 cm.
  • Width: 12 cm.


  • Two separate compartments are closed with lids.
  • The back has an external zippered compartment.
  • Wide adjustable handles - 4.5 cm. width.
  • One compartment has a place for a tablet or a small computer.
  • Small pockets on the sides.
  • Black fabric lining inside.
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