About us

In the beginning, it all started with the mind, we wanted to have a handbag that we would like to be attractive, made of good quality leather and, of course, stylish. This is how the long search process began, during which our creative team was formed. We interacted with handicraft masters, searched for suitable suppliers of leather and accessories, production workshops, and started to create the first models that would be attractive to us and our client. It was necessary to understand not only your client, but also yourself. It was a very fun moment of self-knowledge.

YCHO: The first letters are our customer description. You are Charismatic and Original. YCHO's team of creators is special, so they have created products that emphasize a woman's charisma and originality in the rushed rhythm of life: work, home, children, studios, hobbies, entertainment, because YCHO can accompany you everywhere and always.

Over time, we realized we wanted more, so in small steps, we slowly began to build a collection of knitted garments. We were able to discover the key to the hearts of our customers. Therefore, we can now safely say that YCHO is not just a product, it is a way of life.